Miami Wardogs advance to Sweet 16 Round for best high school mascot in America

MIAMI, Okla. — The Miami Wardogs thumped the Omaha Bunnies to move into the third round of the best high school mascot in America contest.

Winners are selected by the most votes in the contest.

the Wardogs received 181,218 or 69.16% of the votes versus the Omaha Benson Mighty Bunnies who garnished 80,827 or 30.84% of the votes.

In the first round, the Taylorsville Tartars had 1,365 votes while the Miami Wardogs had 6,438 votes.

The population of Miami is under 13,000, according to 2020 census reports.

“We are so excited the community is backing the mascot race and the Wardogs,” said Melinda Stotts, city spokeswoman.

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Miami residents love their school and any chance to show it, the residents jump in, she said.

Ranked a 10-seed in the Midwest region, Miami faces the Compton (California) Tarbabes, a third-seed in the contest.

The history of the Wardog mascot dates back to the early 1900s, according to the school’s website. The term ‘Wardog’ originated from the local mining industry. Miners would often refer to themselves as ‘Wardogs’ due to their strong work ethic and resilience.

In 1927, a community college was added to Compton High School’s campus, and the mascot changed from the Lions to the Tartars (a Mongolian warrior). The college was known for being “Adult” Tartars while the high school was considered “Baby” Tartars. The Baby Tartars have had many nicknames over the years: Little Tartars, Tartar babies, Babes and now the Tarbabes.

Voting for this matchup will conclude Thursday, April 11, at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time.

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