Miami Ice: Dolphins fans arrive in frigid Kansas City for Wild Card matchup

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — As Miami Dolphins fans arrive in Kansas City for their Wild Card matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs, the cold is making some say, “We’re not in Florida anymore.”

FOX4 witnessed the transition in action, watching people in shorts and t-shirts claim baggage at Kansas City International Airport on Friday.

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In Kansas City, though, a light jacket isn’t going to cut it. But there is some relief, hearing some of those fans were planning stops to buy more layers and jackets.

But, in all honesty, the arctic temperatures in Kansas City are concerning even for people who are fully prepared.

Midday on Friday, the cold air slammed visitors to Kansas City like a defensive lineman.

“So what kind of stuff do you have in your luggage to make sure that you’re going to be staying warm?” FOX4’s Jacob Kittilstad asked.

“Well let’s see. You name it — 32-degree long johns, a pullover, a wool coat, another jacket,” Dolphins fan Tori Webber said.

“I’ve got thermals, jackets, this guy,” Dolphins fan Nick Worden said while wearing a vintage teal and blue pullover.

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“Last year we flew to Buffalo for the playoff game, so this is our second year in a row leaving town to go into the cold to watch the Fins. And, you know, we’re diehard fans. We’d do anything for this team,” Worden said.

“You were on the flight with some Dolphins fans. What’d they look like?” Kittilstad asked.

“They looked very, very comfortable at this point,” Chiefs fan John Lawless said. “But I think they’re in for a big shock because they’re not prepared for what’s coming.”

“Man, I just don’t want to freeze to death,” Dolphins fan Brian Harding said.

“If we beat Buffalo, we were going to stay in Miami. 78 degrees today, it was supposed to be. But of course, we lost. So we’re here,” Harding said.

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“I go to the Caribbean for my vacation. No offense to y’all that live here, but yeah, no,” Webber said.

But for a last-minute vacation, it would be a cheap one. Chiefs vs Dolphins Wild Card tickets are going as low as $40 on some websites. Some fans said they were even offered tickets for free.

“Oh, actually, she did say that somebody was selling them in the nosebleeds for $10. ‘Cause no one wants to go. But we’re all in now. It’s too late,” Harding said.

“I don’t expect a lot of fans from Miami, that’s for sure,” Dolphins fan Justin McDonald said.

“I’ve heard that if you take some cardboard to stand on that help insulate your feet from the concrete,” McDonald said.

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“I think I’m going to buy another layer to be safe, yeah,” Worden said.

“Are you concerned for your fellow Dolphins fans out at Arrowhead [Stadium] this weekend?” Kittilstad asked.

“I think most Kansas City people are pretty nice and tolerant,” Dolphins fan Kay Traver said.

“I meant about the cold though, the cold,” Kittilstad said.

“Oh! Well that’s there fault. Go to a bar,” Traver said.

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