The Miami Heat ‘Good Effort’ T-shirt: Accentuate the positive by celebrating memes

From the stands of the AmericanAirlines Arena to Internets everywhere to your (probably) toned and tanned torso. You've come a long way, "Good Job, Good Effort."

Uttered by one relentlessly chipper fan as players left the floor in the moments after Miami's dispiriting 94-90 loss to the Boston Celtics in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals, the phrase quickly became something us Internet denizens decided we loved very much. As a result, it quickly spawned all manner of tweets, Photoshops, GIFs and goofs, including this handsome T-shirt, designed and marketed by "PolkPanther" at the online retailer Simple, plain, perfect.

The coolest thing about the shirt: All profits from its sales will reportedly be donated to the Penn State Hershey Cancer Institute, so hit if you want to help charity begin at your home, and maybe stick it to that special Heat fan in your life just a bit.

It seems like an especially sound strategy if you're a Boston backer; as the designer notes, "Don't forget Celtics fans, you can order it in green." Mass ordering and wearing of those would be light-years cooler than those Tim Donaghy masks, and it might actually help people. Total win-win, like your name was Giamatti.

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