Miami’s beautiful December weather won’t last. Why a steamier, wetter week is coming

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DAVID SANTIAGO/Miami Herald File

Enjoy it while it lasts. Miami’s beautiful start to December likely will shift to steamier weather during the week.

Forecasts show a cold front approaching Florida but not getting south enough to bring northern breezes to Miami. That should funnel wet, warmer air from the Caribbean into the Miami area. With that, South Florida should expect a return to high temperatures in the 80s, and chances for rain, according to the Miami office of the National Weather Service.

“Unfortunately, it’s a little less beautiful,” said Nick Carr, a senior meteorologist at the Miami office. “We’ll be warmer and more humid than we were last week, when it was really gorgeous and we had highs in the 70s.”

Carr said to expect the change to be most noticeable Tuesday or Wednesday. The weather ffice’s Miami forecast calls for a high of 80 Sunday, then inching up to the low 80s through the week. The rain chances hover around 40% Monday, then shift to forecasts of cloudy skies off and on through the week.

“It’s a pattern where we’ll definitely have more clouds and some precipitation chances,” Carr said. “But no days where it’s just going to rain all day.”

If the new weather doesn’t feel like late fall in Miami, that’s statistically correct. Carr said typical highs at this time in December hover in the high 70s.

But no need to feel too cheated by the conditions, as past early Decembers have seen hotter, stickier stretches.

“It’s not unheard of,” Carr said. “We probably won’t be hitting records.”