Meyers Leonard dubs himself the NBA king on Call of Duty

Peter Socotch
NBC Sports Northwest

Like many people, NBA players love to play video games.

And during the NBA hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some NBA players have found a way to enjoy that hobby and connect with fans through Twitch live streams. 

If you're not familiar, people can broadcast themselves playing video games while others can watch. 

Among the players who like participating in this activity are former Trail Blazers big man Meyers Leonard and current Blazer Mario Hezonja

On Saturday, SlamOnline hosted a Twitch tournament where NBA players played Call of Duty Modern Warfare, a player favorite.

Participants included Mario Hezonja, Utah Jazz's Donovan Mitchell and Royce O'Neale, 76ers' Ben Simmons, Bulls' Zach LaVine and Pelicans' Josh Hart.  

Here's a few highlights:

When all was said and done, here were the final results:

Yet, despite having more kills and fewer deaths, Meyers wasn't named the MVP of the tournament. Ben Simons was… 

Meyers, rightfully so, questioned the results:

And he had a lot of people on his side:

In response, Meyers shared this photo:

It was an entertaining stream and hopefully not the last we'll see of the two sharp shooters. 

It's the re-match we all deserve to see play out on the battlefield. 

Meyers Leonard dubs himself the NBA king on Call of Duty originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest

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