Metta World Peace is in a movie with Screech, Eve, and Marc Maron, and it looks great (Video)

Since undergoing a sort of image rehab as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks forward Metta World Peace has never shied away from the media spotlight. In addition to doing ads for very confusing cell phone watches, MWP has tried his hand at acting in such projects as a Lifetime adaptation of a Nancy Grace novel and a TV pilot about vampire housewives. It certainly appears as if Mr. World Peace is serious about this acting thing, or at least as serious as one can be about projects with these premises.

MWP now has a new project set to become available soon. As you can see in the trailer below (via The Starters):

World Peace is part of the new film "All Wifed Up," a zany comedy about a young man whose girlfriend asks him to move in with her. Yet, because commitment is a scary thing for any overgrown child, the man's entirely unappealing friend (known, somehow, as "Fat Jew") decides to take him out for a night of debauchery to decide if he's ready to take the plunge into responsibility and adulthood. Along the way, they meet a cast of characters including Dustin Diamond (better known as Screech from the 17 variations of "Saved By the Bell), actor-rapper Eve, comedian Marc Maron, and the aforementioned Metta World Peace.

It is unclear exactly when this film was produced. Based on Maron's lack of facial hair, our Kelly Dwyer guessed that some scenes may have been filmed as early as 2009. However, Metta refers to himself as such, not as Ron Artest, and he first petitioned to have his name changed in June 2011. It's entirely possible that various scenes were filmed when the most famous participants became available. Whatever the case, I think we have a real hit on our hands.

Except, you know, the ostensible star of the film isn't credited in the trailer and might have even taken his name off the project. Always a great sign!

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