Metta World Peace finds love in a hopeful place (Canada, to be specific)

Ball Don't Lie

Metta World Peace has been spending a lot of time in Vancouver recently, working on his upcoming Lifetime Movie Network project and filling his downtime with pleasant diversions like delivering the weather forecast on the local news, rocking Vancouver Grizzlies (RIP) jerseys to nightclubs and being unable to nail down how many people he has knocked out. It's been a pretty eventful few weeks in the Great White North, and those brave enough to follow the former Ron Artest on Twitter have been treated to seemingly every minute of it.

One of the more interesting thematic turns in the Los Angeles Lakers forward's chronicling of his Pacific Northwest excursion is his recent focus on matters of the heart. He spent most of this past Saturday offering followers relationship advice, most of which relied on the sound adage that you should not rush into romantic encounters (only fools do that, duh) and branding himself "the Hood Hitch," which is a reference I love so long as it means that Josh McRoberts is L.A.'s Kevin James. Clearly, love is in the air in Vancouver this summer, and Metta has opened up his heart to let the sun shine in.

So it came as no surprise when, late Monday on the East Coast, World Peace shared with his followers a profile in love's persistence that he encountered in his travels:

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The picture in question:

Not the most important Canadian friend he'll make over the next few months, but still, a worthwhile appreciation of "real beauty," to be sure.

(Also, as Lakers fans can attest, that couple is offering the full spectrum of reasonable reactions to Metta: On one end, smiling broadly at his absurdity, and on the other, wincing at the pounding headache his actions often induce. These are the poles of World Peace.)

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