Metta World Peace’s comedy tour with ‘the country’s top comedians’ is ready to go!

Stuck in between two pretty fun stand-up comedy destinations in Chicago and Bloomington, IN., I enjoy taking my better half to a stand-up show or four during the long summer. The NBA offseason allows us me a break from frantically flipping around League Pass during weekdays or the 10-game Saturday night, and with modern music having passed me by 15 years ago, I happily sign up for the laffs.

New York Knick forward Metta World Peace, apparently, wants you to do the same. We’ve no idea what acts he’s booked for his potential stand-up tour, but if this poster is any inclination, there will be a stand-up tour featuring Ron Artest Metta World Peace (wait, he’s listed as “Ron Artest” on the poster?!?) this summer. Contact Todd Frank for details:

We’ve no idea if MWP, who has gone down this path before at both Caroline’s in NYC and for charitable causes, is either MC’ing, featuring, or headlining this particular tour. It appears as if the man has two years’ worth of material built up, and a children’s book and Twitter’s 140 characters clearly are not enough to scratch that whimsical itch.

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