Mets, Phillies ready to put on ‘good show’ during MLB’s London Series

Across the pond we go!

The time has officially come as the Mets and Phillies are set to face off in the third edition of MLB’s highly anticipated two-game London series in the home of West Ham United Football Club this weekend. 

“We’re very excited,” Mets manager Carlos Mendoza told SNY’s Michelle Margaux. “This is great, the atmosphere here is awesome, obviously you see the stadium and we’re playing a really good team, so the boys are excited and it’ll be a good show."

“We’re having fun with it,” Phillies first baseman Bryce Harper added on MLB Network. “These two games are for the fans, we’re enjoying it and going about it the right way, and showing everyone how Phillies baseball works and how Mets baseball works and just have some fun.”

This will be Mendoza’s second time participating in the London Series during his career, the first of which came in 2019 when he was the Yankees’ infield coach during their two-game set with the rival Red Sox.

And Mendoza isn’t the only Met who was involved during those high-scoring affairs, as right-hander Adam Ottavino and designated hitter J.D. Martinez were also there.  

Looking back on that experience, the first-year manager remembers it being an incredible and unique atmosphere and he’s excited to be able to take part in it again over the next few days.

“I remember it being really loud,” the skipper said. “It feels like a soccer game, they just keep going with the singing and dancing and jumping, and you’re going to have fans from both teams so it’s going to be loud. 

“But that’s what makes it such a unique experience, it’s a good show. We’re playing in a different ballpark, it’s a completely different scene, and the fans are going to be into it so we’re really looking forward to these two games.”

Saturday’s starting pitcher, veteran left-hander Sean Manaea, even went as far as calling it a playoff-type atmosphere with all the energy and media around the ballpark during the team’s workout this morning. 

“It’s been incredible, I’m having a good time,” he said. “I’ve been to the playoffs a couple of times and it definitely feels like that with the media and attention and just how special this is, so it feels like way more than just a regular season game, which it should.”

Manaea and the Mets will have a tall task ahead of them as they square with the division leaders and one of baseball’s top teams, but the manager is feeling good about the momentum they have rolling into this series. 

“We’re 5-2 over our last seven games, the past series in D.C. was a very good series for us, and the guys are just having fun and playing loose which is how we wanted them to play from the beginning. So I feel good with where they’re at now and what I’m seeing with the vibes and all of that," Mendoza said.