Steve Cohen says Mets players are 'entitled' to express themselves: 'Black lives do matter'

Ryan Morik
·1 min read
Black Lives Matter shirt left at Citi Field home plate
Black Lives Matter shirt left at Citi Field home plate

Steve Cohen hammered home his idea of getting the New York Mets to be an immediate contender.

But outside of baseball, Cohen also took the initiative to tell reporters in his introductory press conference on Tuesday that his players are "entitled" to express themselves in discussing political and human rights movements in the United States.

"I think these are important questions America is discussing," Cohen said.

The Mets, especially Dominic Smith, were outspoken on the Black Lives Matter movement in the summer. The Mets had postponed a game in 2020 in response to the Jacob Blake police shooting.

"Black lives do matter... If my players want to express themselves, they're entitled to do it. It's freedom of speech," Cohen said. "The only thing I ask for is if they're gonna do it, just make sure that when you're between the lines, you give 100 percent."

Cohen added that it is "really important" to have diversity in both the clubhouse and the front office.

"Not just for the sake of diversity but the sake of diversity of thought," Cohen said. "People come from different backgrounds. I think it makes for much more richer environment that [we have] people from different walks of life."