Mets haven't talked extension with Pete Alonso this offseason

The Mets haven't discussed an extension with pending free agent Pete Alonso this offseason, according to multiple reports.

Alonso, who is entering his age-29 season, is projected to make roughly $21 million in 2024 during what is his final year of arbitration before hitting free agency.

Speaking at the GM Meetings last month, president of baseball operations David Stearns said an extension with Alonso would eventually be discussed.

"We're going to have those conversations," Stearns said. "I'm generally of the mind that I try to keep those conversations out of the public dialogue."

Added Stearns:

"I'd like to have those conversations behind closed doors. I think they're most productive that way."

Speaking after Stearns at the GM Meetings, Scott Boras -- Alonso's agent -- said he had recently met with Stearns to discuss "philosophies and ideologies," and that he let Stearns know "when it comes to the Polar Bear, we are not in contract hibernation."

At this week's Winter Meetings, Stearns reiterated his plan to have Alonso as the Opening Day first baseman in 2024, and Boras again said he's open to extension talks, noting that he's "all ears."

There was some trade buzz surrounding Alonso during the 2023 deadline as the Mets dealt Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer, and others -- and that trade buzz has not totally gone away this offseason.

While some of what Stearns has said as it pertains to Alonso and the 2024 roster can be chalked up to exec-speak -- no GM or president of baseball operations is going to completely telegraph his or her plan -- it stands to reason that Stearns would be kind of sidestepping the Alonso/trade question if he thought there was a serious chance of a trade. Of course, he hasn't been.