Mets fans offered free therapy from sympathetic New York health care provider

Tuesday’s 25-4 New York Mets loss to the Washington Nationals was a doozy.

It was a new low in a wretched season that’s fallen in line with decades of mostly crushing mediocrity and disappointment for Mets fans.

Free therapy sessions for beleaguered Mets fans

The worst lost in Mets history prompted a generous humanitarian offer from New York-based health care provider UMA Health — free time on the therapy couch.

Prospective patients who fill out a form describing their most difficult Mets moment will be provided a promotional code good for a session with a therapist in the UMA network valued at less than $200, The New York Post reports.

The Mets’ 25-4 loss to the Washington Nationals has prompted a local health care provider to offer free mental health care to suffering fans. (AP)
The Mets’ 25-4 loss to the Washington Nationals has prompted a local health care provider to offer free mental health care to suffering fans. (AP)

UMA CEO Dave Kerpen talked to the Post about his decision to offer the promotion.

“It can be very frustrating to watch as your team goes out and makes mistake after mistake,” Kerpen said. “We often talk about our teams like we can control them. So I thought to myself,’I can’t make the Mets any better, but maybe I can make Mets fans’ lives a little better by offering free therapy.'”

The Mets sit in last place in the NL East at 44-63 alongside one of the few teams in the game that can match their ineptitude, the Miami Marlins. And there doesn’t appear to be a clear blueprint for the future.

Kerpen told the Post that he had planned the promotion for a while, but was waiting for the right debilitating Mets moment to offer it. Tuesday’s loss fit the bill.

Provider looking to raise mental health awareness through Mets promo

It’s not just baseball woes that Kerpen, a self-professed Mets fan, is seeking to address with his promotion. His larger goal is to raise awareness and reduce the stigma around seeking professional mental health.

“If this becomes an excuse for someone to seek out help for their marriage or career, that would be great,” Kerpen told the Post. “If they want to talk about the Mets, they can do that too.

“My long-term vision is to make therapy less stigmatized. In this society, we idolize physical fitness. If you say you’re going to the gym, you get a high five. If you say you’re going to therapy, you get asked ‘what’s wrong?'”

It’s a noble goal and one that falls in line with recent efforts from the NBA and its players to destigmatize mental illness.

If UMA can help some Mets fans with their baseball woes in the process, all the better.

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