Mets fan halfway to impossible goal of taking prom pictures at Citi Field

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One Mets fan wants to take her prom photos at Citi Field. (AP Photo)
One Mets fan wants to take her prom photos at Citi Field. (AP Photo)

If you want something, all you have to do is ask … and get a ton of retweets. There’s a newish craze going around Twitter where a person asks a verified account how many retweets they would need in order to perform a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If they meet that amount, their request is granted.

When a young New York Mets fan decided to ask the Mets how many retweets she would need in order to take prom pictures at Citi Field, they did what they usually do and disappointed.

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The Mets agreed to her request, but gave her a nearly impossible goal. Get 500,000 retweets and you can take pictures on the field, possibly with some Mets players. It’s a number so tough to reach that ESPN’s Darren Rovell finds it newsworthy when LeBron James gets there. 

But the Mets fan, who goes by Callie, was not deterred. Instead, she reached out to pretty much everyone she could think of with a lot of followers and asked for retweets.

The result: Well, she’s over halfway there.

Callie’s plan has worked out. Her tweet has been shared by Noah Syndergaard, Curtis Granderson, William Shatner, Donnie Wahlberg, Katey Sagal, Mr. Met and plenty of others.

That’s helped her rack up 276,361 retweets thus far. And her quest only started four days ago.

While Callie has made a ton of progress, she still has a long road ahead if she wants to take photos on Citi Field. Then again, maybe the Mets should just let her take them anyway. She’s already done a heck of a job, and the Mets could use some good PR these days.

Case in point:

Yeah, they probably should have seen that coming.

So, c’mon, Mets. Do the right thing here. Let Callie take her pictures. And make sure Noah Syndergaard and Mrs. Met stand next to her in a typical prom pose. Please, we need this.

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