Mets expected to sign international prospect SS Elian Peña to bonus of around $5 million

Even though the international signing period is still months away, officially kicking off on Jan. 15, 2025, the Mets have been linked to and are expected to sign shortstop Elian Peña from the Dominican Republic to a massive deal in terms of international free agents.

First reported by Baseball America’s Ben Badler and confirmed by SNY’s Joe DeMayo, New York has its eyes set on Peña and plans to sign the 16-year-old to around $5 million which would be the largest bonus the Mets have ever issued to an international free agent. It will also likely be the biggest contract in the 2025 class.

What has New York enamored with Peña and ready to spend nearly all of the roughly $6.2 million in its bonus pool is mainly his offensive potential. A lefty, Peña is said by scouts to have “a line-drive bat” and is considered to be a terrific hitter with a “thick frame”, according to the New York Post.

Badler writes, “Peña is a polished left-handed hitter and one of the most dangerous offensive threats in the class. It’s a sweet lefty swing that’s compact and stays through the hitting zone a long time, with Peña showing the ability to manipulate the barrel to consistently square up pitches for hard contact throughout the strike zone.”

Some scouts believe the offensive-minded infielder, currently listed at 6-foot-2 and 155 pounds, will be best suited for third base. Peña even drew comparisons to Rafael Devers of the Boston Red Sox by one scout, per the New York Post. However, other evaluators think he has a chance to stick at shortstop.

Regardless of where he plays, Peña's bat will be valuable to a team. But it’s not just his swing and body type that has people gushing over the Dominican.

His approach at the plate, along with his eye and willingness to take walks are also impressive, especially at a young age. Not to mention, he has plus raw power, is a tick above-average runner and has a plus arm, per Baseball America.

If the Mets do, in fact, sign Peña in the $5 million area – a year after signing catcher Yovanny Rodriguez to a $2.85 million bonus, the most in franchise history up until this point – it will be clear that New York is getting much more aggressive in utilizing the international pool of players to rebuild its farm system.