Mets' City Connect uniforms will debut on a Friday in April: report

The Mets will be getting their City Connect uniforms in 2024, and a debut date is set.

The new threads will be worn for the first time on Friday, April 26 at Citi Field against the St. Louis Cardinals, reports Paul Lukas of Uni Watch.

Per Uni Watch, the uniforms will be officially announced and unveiled roughly a week before their on-field debut.

Details regarding the design of the City Connect uniform are not yet known.

Some teams that have unveiled City Connect uniforms have stayed true to their regular team colors. Others, like the Colorado Rockies (green City Connect uniforms) and Boston Red Sox (yellow and blue) have strayed far away from the norm.

The Mets recently made a small change to their black jersey and cap, removing the white drop shadow. It is not clear if that adjustment has anything to do with the upcoming City Connect uniforms.