MetLife Stadium ranked among safest venues in the NFL

MetLife Stadium, home to the New York Giants and Jets, may not be the most fan-friendly, aesthetically pleasing venue in the NFL but it is among the safest.

Based on violent crime, total crime index, fan behavior, and crime grade, MetLife Stadium was recently ranked among the top four league-wide.

The data comes via BetMassachusetts.

The odd twist is that fan behavior split the ranking with the Giants and Jets. MetLife Stadium is tied for second overall when the Jets play, while it ranks fourth overall when the Giants play.

Jets fans rank eighth in behavior, while Giants fans rank 12th.

In terms of violent crime and total crime index, MetLife Stadium ranks second overall (same for both teams). It is tied for 12th in crime grade.

According to our research, Gillette Stadium has the lowest violent crime rate of any NFL stadium, at 9.36, ranking ahead of MetLife Stadium, which is home of the New York Giants and Jets.

Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers, ranked second overall — tied with MetLife Stadium when the Jets play.

The NFL stadiums that rounded out the top end of the list were MetLife Stadium for the New York Jets and Giants, followed by Highmark Stadium, which is home to the Buffalo Bills, who ranked fifth in the league.

Remarkably, Lincoln Financial Field (Philadelphia Eagles) ranked 19th overall, which seems unrealistically high given what we know about Eagles fans.

Ford Field (Detroit Lions) ranked last overall.

Story originally appeared on Giants Wire