Messi Mania takes hold as Argentina advances to World Cup Final I The Rush

Fans spanning the globe have found the most unique ways to celebrate their love of Lionel Messi, who led Argentina to a spot in the World Cup Final after beating Croatia 3-0 in the semifinals. In American football, Kyler Murray is out for the rest of the Cardinals’ season with an ACL tear, Marcus Mariota abruptly left the Falcons after being benched and Baker Mayfield got the green light to try and keep his Hollywood comeback story alive, as he’ll start under center when the Rams face the Packers in Green Bay.

Video Transcript

JARED QUAY: It's been 36 years since Argentina won the World Cup, and 35-year-old Lionel Messi might just be the man to end that drought. Argentina crushed Croatia 3-0 in the semi-finals and will take on the winner of today's France versus Morocco match for the championship. We could talk about how in the semis, Messi scored his fifth goal of the tournament and the 11th goal in his World Cup career or how Messi is the first player to log a goal and an assist in three different games in one single World Cup Tournament since 1966.

But honestly, even Messi's magic on the pitch doesn't compare to the utter madness of fans celebrating all across the globe from Buenos Aries--

- Lionel Messi [INAUDIBLE]

JARED QUAY: To Bangladesh.

- Messi.

JARED QUAY: Enthusiasm for Messi-Argentina squad could not be contained. We've got people making sand art and creating gigantic Messi jerseys to fly over Argentina.


JARED QUAY: Man, I love all these celebrations but that level of passion and devotion does make me worry about what an Argentina loss might look like. NFL quarterbacks really been put through the ringer this season.

- We've been getting our asses kicked.

JARED QUAY: Notable names suffering short and long term injuries include Dak, Rodgers, Lamar, Hunt, Lee, Fields, Pickett, Stafford, Lance, and Garoppolo. Whoa. Let me catch my breath for a second. And now, Kyler Murray has been added to that list after suffering an ACL tear during the Cardinals loss to the Patriots. It's been a rough year for Kyler and the 4 and 9 Arizona Cardinals. But they're not alone.

- We're not alone.

JARED QUAY: The Athletic reports that Marcus Mariota has left the 5 and 8 Atlanta Falcons with no intention of returning after learning that he will be benched. Hollywood star comebacks do happen though. Just ask Baker Mayfield. Dude was the leader of the Browns one minute, and then he got kicked to the curb for walking dumpster fire Deshaun Watson the next. He failed to catch on with the Carolina Panthers, was cut, and then led the Rams to an insane last second victory less than 48 hours after joining the team. And now, Los Angeles has announced that Baker will get the start for the Rams on Monday night against Green Bay.

I have felt real bad for Baker, but then I remembered he's been in a million commercials for every single product known to man. So I figured that even if he doesn't play anymore, he's probably still rich as hell. Now, I bet all those commercials are going to come back on and they're just going to CGI a Rams jersey on him. Right? You can CGI a Rams jersey on pretty much anybody now. And if you're editing this, please don't put a Rams jersey on me, all right? Because I'm a Ravens fan, if they catch me on this, somebody going to screenshot it, they're going to send it to my brother, it's going to be a big story. So y'all better not be doing it, editors. All right, you did it.