These mesmerizing TikTok cocktails look too good to drink!

here are 7 mesmerizing summer cocktail recipes for every occasion that look as good as they taste! . 1. Freeze Pop Slushie. The freeze pops are used in the slushie itself and also as a garnish on top. 2. Cotton Candy Cocktail. As the liquid is poured, the fluffy pink cotton candy melts beautifully into the rest of the beverage, adding plenty of sweetness to the mix! . 3. Gummy Bear Cocktail. This enormous gummy bear cocktail will wow your taste buds and your Instagram feed!. 4. Galaxy Cocktail. Soju, grapes, and blue Gatorade make up this delicious galaxy beverage. 5. Tequila Rose Bathtub Cocktail. This frozen tequila drink served at Duo London (@duolondon) in Camden, England, comes in a mini bathtub!