Mercedes-Benz Sprinter walk through

Climb aboard the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and you'll find a bizarre world of familiar Mercedes pieces and totally alien-to-Mercedes pieces. It's a trip. #mercedes #mercedesbenz #mercedessprinter

Video Transcript

- All right, let's climb aboard the Mercedes Sprinter.


Here you go. Now, it's very interesting because obviously, it is a--


Very business-oriented vehicle; but then it's also still a Mercedes, so you have a lot of Mercedes switchgear inside. Let's climb aboard.


And-- you know, these little toggles here, those are very common for Mercedes. This steering wheel is basically what you'd find in an A-class, with the same touch operated controls here. The door controls and these buttons. I mean, they're not going to make cheaper bits and pieces just for the Sprinter. They're going to pull it from our parts bin. Even these rotary knobs are basically the same. So let's turn on the car. Or-- sorry, the giant van.


And there you go. I mean, this does not have the MBUX control elements, the touch pad, and all that; but I mean, look at the graphics. They're the same is what you would find in a GLB, or anything really. It is consistent, even if the screen is just a touch screen, and it's kind of small. There are analog gauges here. Just nothing particularly fancy. The USB-C ports are up here on top of the dash, and lets you store your phone, like, nine feet away from you. There's also cup holders here, and there. I'm not really sure why. Perhaps because this is optional, I'm guessing.

There we go. It is manual air conditioning, which you don't see in Mercedes of the car variety. There, if you are Abe Lincoln wearing your hat, well, no problem-- you got headroom here. There's also some--


Spare storage up here, and-- yep, the full partition. This, I don't think is the MB-Tex leatherette normal. This is very vinyl. But it does have a thigh extension--


Which is kind of neat, nice bit of comfort. This does nothing because-- yeah, again-- there you go. And then, so you're just going to have to rely on your big old mirrors. And then when backing up, you have all the parking camera views and such. So that's the interior of the Mercedes Benz Sprinter, and the view out is really like nothing else out there, aside from other full size cargo vans.