All about the Mercato

All about the Mercato
All about the Mercato

The summer transfer market opens on Monday with League 1 Uber Eats. Here's a look at the rules that clubs and players must follow during the transfer market.

Opening on Monday, June 10, the summer transfer window for the 2024/25 Ligue 1 season will remain open until Friday, August 30. During this period, clubs can adjust their squads while adhering to the following rules.


- Loans for professional, trainee, or elite players are made for one season, with the possibility of renewal.

- In France, a club can host a maximum of five loaned players.

- Conversely, a club can temporarily transfer only seven of its licensed players.

- A club can loan a maximum of two players to the same club. At any time, a temporary transfer can be converted into a permanent transfer, with the agreement of all three parties involved.

Regarding international transfers, a French club can make a maximum of six outgoing loans and also six incoming loans.

Foreign players 

Ligue 1 Uber Eats clubs can have under contract a maximum of four players who are not nationals of an EU country, the EEA (European Economic Area), or countries without an association or cooperation agreement with the EU.

It should be noted that foreign players on loan who are not nationals of the EU or the EEA, beyond the first one counted only in the host club, are taken into account in the squad of both clubs involved.

Players: Limited number of clubs

To participate in the French championship, clubs must have justified a minimum number of registered contracts. Elite teams must have at least thirteen professional player contracts to start the season. Additionally, a player cannot be registered with more than three successive clubs during the period from July 1 to June 30 of the following year. During this period, the player can only play in official matches for two clubs.