The Memphis Grizzlies, via the Make-a-Wish Foundation, make history in drafting eight-year old Charvis Brewer

The Memphis Grizzlies made NBA history over the weekend, but few seemed to notice. The team “drafted” the youngest player in the 67-year span of the league, making eight-year old Charvis Brewer the newest member of a Grizzlies bench that badly needs depth in the wake of the season-ending injury to Quincy Pondexter.

Luckily for the Grizzlies, Brewer is a rabid fan of the team, and he boasts detailed knowledge of his new teammates. Charvis, who has cerebral palsy, was even allowed to act as a de facto coach at Sunday’s Grizzlies practice, securing a whistle from Memphis coach Dave Joerger, and calling things like he saw them as the team prepped to play the Chicago Bulls on Dec. 30.

Via the Make-a-Wish foundation, Brewer will be in attendance for that game. Ari Alexander at filed a report from Sunday’s practice:

The Mid-South Make a Wish Foundation granted his wish on Sunday - to be drafted by the Grizzlies.

"So we need to work on our free-throws and 3-point shooting," said Head Coach Dave Joerger.

Right away, Charvis made it known who the man in practice is; making decisions and blowing the whistle he got from Z-Bo.

"I like this guy! You're a good coach!" said Mike Miller.

He met all of his teammates and even tried to change their roles in the offense.

Then it was time to watch and critique practice.

Charvis said, "He better hit this one. Shoot this one! Now guard each other in practice. Why they ain't guarding each other? Where the coach at? He ain't doing nothing, he's just standing right there."

Charvis' dad, Michael Douglas said, "If they make a bad mistake, he'll call them out, you know. He'll tell'em to get back and do right. Coach'll pull out the wrong person, he'll call him out and say ‘No, you took the wrong one out, put the right one back in.'"

Here are a few more pictures from Brewer’s visit to Grizzlies camp:

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