The Memphis Grizzlies’ new anthem, ‘We Don’t Bluff,’ is pretty much perfect

Hey, maybe you guys can help me out with something — does anyone reading know if the city of Memphis, Tenn., in general and its NBA basketball team, the Memphis Grizzlies, specifically, are fond of bluffing?

Oh, that's right — I should have remembered, because of the towels. OK, cool. Thanks for clearing that up, Oscar-winning Three 6 Mafia member (and noted right-to-bare/bear-arms enthusiast) DJ Paul and pals Drumma Boy, W&W and Ummet Ozcan. I appreciate it.

You can, and should, download "We Don't Bluff" here. It's the perfect soundtrack to all those blog posts reminding you why you should love the Grizzlies.

Hat-tip to Deadspin's Tom Ley.

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