Memphis coach Penny Hardaway on Chris Beard to Texas & Roy Williams retiring

The Memphis Tigers head coach spoke with Yahoo Sports senior NBA writer Vincent Goodwill about Thursday’s stunning news in college basketball with coaching changes at Texas and North Carolina.

Video Transcript


VINCENT GOODWILL: It's funny that we're talking today, because today has been a big day in college basketball. You got Roy Williams retiring. And it's not an April Fools' joke. And you got Texas hiring Chris Beard from Texas Tech. You know, what do you make of those two moves? Like Texas has been kind of like a sleeping giant. I know you're very familiar with that whole recruiting scene down there. And of course, Coach Williams, his sustained success in two different places and him stepping down.

PENNY HARDAWAY: Yeah, I'll start with Coach beard. He's one of my favorite coaches in college basketball because, man, he gets his guys to play so hard. He brings in every position. And he's doing it on the-- whatever they're doing on the court, he's doing it on the sidelines. He's very intense.

So Texas picked up a great guy. I feel bad for Texas Tech because they lost a great one. I'm sure they'll find somebody, you know, that'll come and do a good job. But Coach Beard, I'm happy for him. And Texas is-- you know, [INAUDIBLE] and did a great job there, and Coach Beard is going to do the same.

As far as Coach Williams, what more can you say about a legend? Over 900 wins, a couple of national championships, touched so many young men's lives, such a great person, always has a great word to say to any and everybody, not just on the road when you're walking around and you bump into him, the way he greets the fans. I mean, he's such a pure gentleman. And he's definitely going to be missed, but he had an unbelievable career.