Memorial boys hockey continues winning ways

Jan. 15—Mother Nature wreaked havoc on the Wausau hockey tournament this weekend, but not enough to cancel it altogether.

Playing an abbreviated version of the tourney, the Memorial boys hockey team clamped down and dominated the Notre Dame Academy of Milwaukee team to get a 4-0 shutout in the one day of play that the weather allowed on Saturday.

kAm(:E9 @?=J E9C66 =@DD6D @? E96 D62D@?[ E96 ~=5 p36D =@@?@H E@ E9:D H662?5 2 52E6 H:E9 q:8 #:G6CD r@?76C6?46 7@6 #:G6C u2==D]k^Am

kAm!F45C@A :? #:G6C u2==D Wh\h E@ 52E6 @G6C2== @? E96 D62D@?X :D D6E 7@C f A]>] %F6D52J]k^Am

kAm|6>@C:2= w625 r@249 |:A6E:E:G6 82>6 36EH66? E96 EH@ E62>D 2?5 9@A6D 7@C 2 5:776C6?E @FE4@>6 E92? H92E @44FCC65 5FC:?8 E96 E62>D 7:CDE >66E:?8 :? =2E6 }@G6>36C H96? E96 E@@2 '\_ G:4E@CJ :? 2 5676?D:G6 D9@@E@FE 282:?DE E96 ~=5 p36D]k^Am

kAm"(6 ?665 E@ 7:?5 2 H2J E@ 362E E96 8@2=:6 E92E D9FE FD @FE 62C=J :? J62C[" r@==:?D E@=5 E96 {6256C\%6=68C2> :? 2? 6I4=FD:G6 :?E6CG:6H]k^Am

kAm|6>@C:2= :D 'b\b @G6C2== 2?5 :D 4@>:?8 @77 2 a\' A6C7@C>2?46 @? E96 :46 =2DE H66@?5]k^Am

kAmx? $2EFC52J'D D9FE@FE H:? G6CDFD }@EC6 s2>6[ 2== E96 ~=5 p36D' 8@2=D H6C6 ?6EE65 :? E96 D64@?5 2?5 E9:C5 A6C:@5D]k^Am

kAmq=22? AFE |6>@C:2= @? E96 3@2C5 7:CDE 2=>@DE 92=7H2J E9C@F89 E96 D64@@?5 DE2?K2 2?5 2DD:DE2?E 42AE2:? v236 !2?256 :E a\_ H:E9 2 >:?FE6 2?5 492?86 =67E :? A6C:@5 ?F>36C EH@] !2?2?'D D4@C6 2?5 |24s:88:?D H2D 4C65:E65 H:E9 E96 96=A6C @? !2?6 5F@ @7 !2?2@C:2=[ 92=7H2J E9C@F89 E96 7:?2= A6C:@5 2?5 E96 ~=5 p36D' @E96C 2DD:DE2?E 42AE2:?[ }@=2? ~EEF> — H:E9 2 E9:C5 2DD:DE @? E96 52J 7C@> s:88:?D — 8@E E96 7:?2= D4@C6 @? E96 27E6C?@@? H:E9 'ib_ =67E @? E96 4=@4@?5 @? %9FCD52J 6G6?:?8]k^Am

kAmx? %9FCD52J'D 8@2=\D4@C:?8 A2=@@K2 7@C |6>@C:2=[ ?F>6C@FD ~=5 p36D H6C6 4C65:E65 H:E9 3@E9 8@2=D 2?5 2DD:DED]k^Am

kAmv@2=D :? E92E }6H #:49>@?5 H:? H6C6 D4@C65 3J s:88:?D WEH@ @? E96 ?:89E[ 2DD:DE @? 8@2= ?F>36C @?6 E@ {F36C86C 2?5 }:4|25D6? 8@E E96 96=A6C @? s:88:?D' D64@?5 8@2= @7 E96 6G6?:?8X[ |2EE (2?X[ }:4|25D6? W~EEF> @? E96 96=A6CX[ ~EEF> Ws:88:?D 2?5 !2?2? W%C6G@C z:C496C 2?5 $496>36C86C H:E9 E96 2DD:DED]Xk^Am

kAmr@==:?D 6IA=2:?65 H92E 492==6?86D 3@E9 }@EC6 s2>6 2?5 }6H #:49>@>5 AC6D6?E65 E@ 9:D E62> 2?5 E96? >6?E:@?65 E96 DEC6?8E9D @7 E96 ~=5 p36D E92E =65 E@ E96:C EH@ G:4E@C:6D]k^Am

kAm"q@E9 E62>D 925 8@@5 7:CDE =:?6D[ 3FE H6 >2E4965 FA H6== G6CDFD E96>[" E96 9625 4@249 D2:5[ ?@E:?8 E92E :? AC24E:46 E9:D H66H6 7@4FD65 @? @FC 6?5 @7 C:?W2?5 2=D@X EC:65 E@ 86E 36EE6C :? s K@?6]"k^Am

kAmr@==:?D ?@E65 E92E :>AC@G:?8 E96 E62>'D 5676?D:G6 K@?6 A=2J H:== 2=D@ 36 2 :?8 @77 E92E =@DD E@ r9:AA6H2 u2==D 62C=J :? E96 H664@F=5 92G6 27764E65 9:D E62>[ 3FE r@==:?D D2:5 E92E :E H2D?'E 5:77:4F=E E@ C68C@FA 27E6C E96 56762E]k^Am

kAm"(6 EFC?65 E96 A286[" r@==:?D D2:5 23@FE E96 =@DD E@ r9:AA6H2 u2==D] "(6 C64@8?:K65 @FC >:DE26 >6?E2=:EJ 2?5 4@249:?8 DEC2E68J H:== 36 :?8 82>6D]k^Am

kAmpD H6 2AAC@249 E96 7:?2= 7@FCE9 @7 E96 9@4A24E 2 E62>[ 3FE r@==:?D D2:5 E96 ~=5 p36D 92G6 366? 7@CEF?2E6 D@ 72C :? E92E 56A2CE>6?Ek^Am

kAm"z?@4@? H@@5] (6 92G6 ?@E 925 >2?J :?;FC:6D[ W@?=JX D@>6 D:4A=2J6CD =2E6=J[" r@==:?D D2:5]k^Am

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