Melvin Gordon explains why he re-signed with Broncos

Denver Broncos RB Melvin Gordon re-signed with the team just before this year’s NFL draft in April.

Waiting as long as he did, some pundits pondered why the RB didn’t wait until training camp started to see if injuries opened up opportunities.

Well, Gordon is reuniting with his former college teammate Russell Wilson by re-signing for starters. Also, seeing the Broncos’ Super Bowl odds jump to the seventh-best may have played a part in Gordon’s decision.

During Gordon’s initial two-year contract, the Broncos never had  a winning record, let alone a playoff appearance.

“With Russell, that’s a game changer. I’m not really one of the guys that likes to start over,” Gordon said on June 13. “I really don’t like change too much with coming into a new locker room, having to build relationships, finding out who your clique is and finding out who works with you and what you’re able to say until guys get comfortable. It’s a drag — the city, finding a new place to stay. It’s a lot, man.”

Indeed, NFL players are humans, too. While many a fan just look at athletes as performers on a stage, or a source for fantasy points, multiple lives are affected every time a player signs, re-signs or is released. Especially their families. So, it’s understandable Gordon didn’t want to uproot at this point in his career. In other words: imagine you get a job offer for a better salary across the country. But you don’t know anyone where you’re going — in theory. You’d have to pause before accepting, right? The same thing happened to Gordon.

“It’s a lot that goes into it behind closed doors that changes your whole thought [process] behind leaving a place,” Gordon added. “[Nathaniel] Hackett is a cool dude. He has great energy. He’s changed the whole atmosphere around here. You’re excited to come in. Not saying I wasn’t before, but you’re just a little more excited. He does a lot of different things that are fun. It’s a fun environment workplace. It feels really good to be a Bronco. The last couple days and coming in here today and when I was sprinkling in here in and out last week — it’s a different feel. I’m enjoying it.”

Gordon returned to the Broncos’ facility for the first day of mandatory minicamp after skipping most of the team’s voluntary offseason program. Check out Broncos Wire’s Jon Heath’s notes from minicamp as we await training camp to start next month.

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