Melbourne-based foodie discovers cake with a hidden surprise

Emerald Pellot
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Bianca Ling is the traveling foodie behind Melb Food Baby. The Melbourne-based Instagram and TikTok accounts are a collection of vibrant Aussie eats like delicious barbecue, pokémon baos, and cotton candy hotcakes.

Ling shared one particularly special treat on TikTok in August. It’s a boba cake with a special surprise inside.

In the clip, there’s a milk tea chiffon cake sitting on top of a lavender box. The cake is decorated to look like a boba drink. The bottom half is light brown with black polka dots while the top half has a white frosting and a straw protruding from it. It’s adorable. But when Ling cuts a giant slice out of it, there’s an actual cup of boba connected to the straw.

TikTok users were shook by the reveal. Who couldn’t use a little extra boba in their life right now?

“Omg, not a want but a need, lol. Where is this from?” one user asked.

“OMG!” one wrote with a crying emoji.

“We should make it,” another said, tagging a friend.

The cake is from iCake Melbourne, a patisserie with handcrafted cakes made with the finest ingredients.

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