Meghan wears a £3,300 dress and Princess Diana’s bracelet for her big television moment with Oprah

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex on Oprah
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex on Oprah

In a teaser clip released on Monday morning, we get a first glimpse of what to expect from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Prince Harry is shown saying "My biggest fear was history repeating itself”, while images of his late mother Princess Diana appear on screen. Oprah is seen echoing back a statement that suggests Meghan described her experience with the press in Britain as "almost unsurvivable”.

It is a big moment for the Sussexes - and we will have to wait until 7th March to see the full two-hour broadcast.

But one thing we do know now is what the Duchess chose to wear for the occasion; a television-ready outfit with some meaningful details.

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Meghan’s dress is the £3,300 ‘long triple silk georgette dress’ by Giorgio Armani. In black matte fabric, it features a botanical applique design on one shoulder, a selection likely made while considering that the Duchess’s upper-half would get the most screen time. The relaxed overall silhouette can be seen when the camera pans out, revealing more of the set, the garden of the couple’s Montecito home.

Meghan has previously worn workwear pieces from the Emporio Armani line, during her time in the Royal family, and has spoken in the past about how she is a fan of Armani’s makeup range. But this is the first time she has worn the Italian designer’s mainline collection - Armani, too, has had a busy weekend, having dressed Renée Zellweger at Sunday’s Golden Globes, as well as streaming his autumn / winter 2021 collection from a virtual Milan Fashion Week.

Twitter / CBS - Twitter / CBS
Twitter / CBS - Twitter / CBS

The other feature to note from this outfit was the jewellery. Meghan has a stack of three bracelets on her left wrist including a diamond tennis bracelet which it is believed belonged to Princess Diana.

Meghan has worn pieces from her late mother-in-law's personal jewellery collection on several key occasions in the past. For her wedding reception in 2018, she wore Diana's aquamarine ring, and on a Royal tour of Australia and New Zealand she wore Diana’s butterfly earrings. Her engagement ring, also, features two diamonds from Diana’s archive.

It was a particularly poignant choice in this context though, as her husband made reference to “history repeating itself”.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex on their wedding day, 2018. The Duchess wears a ring that belonged to the late Princess Diana
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex on their wedding day, 2018. The Duchess wears a ring that belonged to the late Princess Diana

This outfit will likely represent the pinnacle of Meghan’s return-to-the-spotlight fashion campaign - appearances in the last fortnight have built up to this, and included the re-wearing of a custom Carolina Herrera dress for her pregnancy announcement portrait, and a newly-purchased Oscar de la Renta minidress for an interview with Spotify Stream On.

But this, with Oprah, is the couple’s first sit-down television interview since their 2017 engagement talk with the BBC, and the first time they have been interviewed about their decision to step back from their formal Royal roles in 2020.

In the last four years of intense public scrutiny, Meghan has shown time and again that she has learned to use fashion as a storytelling tool. With this particular appearance, the outfit backs up the communication; the Duchess is showing that she has finally regained some control of the narrative.

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