Meghan Markle celebrates International Women's Day with young aspiring actress

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Women all over the world are celebrating International Women’s Day, including some of your favorite celebrities.

Future royal Meghan Markle, along with her fiancé Prince Harry, made an appearance in Birmingham to talk about women’s issues with the locals. Markle, who’s long been an advocate for women’s rights, and Prince Harry visited Millennium Point, an organization that helps inspire female scientists, mathematicians and engineers.

Upon arriving to Birmingham, Prince Harry met 10-year-old Sophia, Richards who expressed her desire to be an actress like Markle. Prince Harry brought her over to meet his fiancé directly where they shared a sweet embrace. Other celebrities celebrated International Women’s Day on social media. Several companies got involved too, like Legos who celebrated the women in Nasa, and Cartoon Network, who shared their many empowering female characters.But women weren’t the only ones celebrating International Women’s Day. Men also took the time to honor the women in their lives.

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