Megan Rapinoe addresses 'horrifying' report on abuse as USWNT prepares for England

The U.S. Women's National Team star spoke on Thursday prior to the team's friendly at Wembley Stadium in London about the findings of the Sally Yates report into abuse around women's soccer.

Video Transcript


MEGAN RAPINOE: Even when you know it, it's just horrifying over and over to read. It's been difficult for the players. Some of those players play in those clubs, have been coached by those coaches, likely have been abused in one form or another by some of the coaches or in some of those environments or different environments-- youth environments, whatever it may be. It can definitely be triggering or retraumatizing and just to deal with that on such an incredible occasion, to be here at Wembley and be able to participate in this game, which is so exciting. And the juxtaposition is just ridiculous.

I think Becky said it yesterday. We're angry and exhausted and together and unified, so it's kind of all of it. I think without accountability and without people specifically who did the wrong thing being gone-- that just says to us that nobody's really hearing us.

So obviously, the firings in Portland-- we'll see what happens with the management, but I don't think that Merritt Paulson is fit to be the man-- or the owner of that team. I don't think Arnim is fit to be the owner of Chicago. And we need to see those people gone so people who are fit and who will take care of the game, respect the game, and help the game grow in the best way possible can replace them so we can continue to not only have accountability and continue to bolster the policies and everything around the league, but help the league grow.