Is "Megan is Missing" really that bad? Skip this TikTok trend

The disturbing 2011 film Megan Is Missing has gone viral on TikTok over just how unsettling it is. Is it really that bad, though?. In short, yes. Though it was marketed as an educational film, it was banned in countries like New Zealand for its exploitative nature. In a viral video that has more than 11 million views, TikTok user @aleigh.ander showed her horrified reaction to the movie. which goes from scary to concerning about 30 minutes in. Following the trend, user @bella.clare showed clips of her face before, during and after watching the movie. Her facial expressions grow progressively more disturbed as it goes on. Dozens of other users have shared similar posts. Megan Is Missing has left so many young people disturbed that Michael Goi, the movie’s writer and director, took to TikTok to issue several warnings about the film’s content