Meet Tyler Gaca, the comedian bringing hilarious whimsy to TikTok

TikTok is embracing a chiller, gentler, more absurd kind of comedy with Tyler Gaca. The art school graduate with a soft-spoken voice and a cerebral sense of humor has forged a cult following on social media. Gaca was born on Oct. 3, 1994 and is currently 27 years old. He is married and has resided in Ohio and California with his husband. Gaca is known for his offbeat, chaotic sense of humor. For example, in one skit, Gaca confessed that he secretly conditioned his brain to only be able to fall asleep if a slice-of-life anime is playing in the background. Gaca and his husband were both laid off on the same day in 2020. The creator then decided to turn his side hustle, which started as a postgrad project, into a full-time job. "I think that's why people like my videos because I lull them into a false sense of calm and the words coming out of my mouth are like pure chaos," Gaca told Paper. When Gaca was a kid, there weren't many LGBTQIA+ people visibly leading happy, ordinary lives. He hopes to offer positive representation