Meet Pigcasso the painting pig

Sweet Spot

Talent comes in all shapes, sizes, and species. Just ask Joanne Lefson of Farm Sanctuary South Africa. She rescued Pigcasso from an industrial hog farm when she was a piglet. Lefson quickly noticed the pig was surprisingly interested in paintbrushes. She decided to give Pigcasso a canvas and paints. Soon, the adorable 3-year-old animal was showing off her talent and was dubbed Pigcasso the painting pig.

Pigcasso takes her name after the extraordinary artist Pablo Picasso (in case you hadn’t figured that out). The lovable pig finds inspiration in her every day farm life. Her fellow animals are also her biggest fans. This isn’t just a hobby for the art loving animal. Pigcasso has her own exhibit showing in South Africa. Her masterpieces are available for sale on the Farm Sanctuary SA website as well as her own online shop, with all of the sales benefiting the farm animal rescue organization.

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