Meet Hayden Egerton, Founder of ‘Resilience Rehab & Performance’ and ‘The Resilience Institute’

With the ever-growing amount of noise in the fitness industry on social media, there are more and more ‘influencers’ than ever promoting their ‘programs’ & ‘products’ - which a large majority are based on nothing but nonsense. With a bachelor in Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitation, he is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Exercise Scientist. He has also completed his Level 1 accreditation with the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association. Here we chat with Hayden Egerton, founder of Resilience Rehab and The Resilience Institute, where he busts some of the myths of the fitness industry and explains the fundamentals of a fit, healthy & resilient body.

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Q: Thanks again for taking the time to do this with me. First things first - I am sure our readers would love to learn more about you. How did you get here, and what experiences, failures, setbacks or challenges have been most instrumental to your growth?

Hayden: I played a lot of sport growing up (and still do) and initially my injuries playing Rugby gave me an insight into the rehab world. Attending the weekly rehab sessions, I got an early preview of what it was like to provide rehabilitation and performance services. I saw how they were making a meaningful difference in the lives of their patients, whilst also having sports gear for uniform and the ability to crack jokes and have a laugh all day.

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I was then extremely fortunate to work with a few awesome and experienced Exercise Physiologist’s during my student days (shoutout to David and Liam Slater at Elite Rehab & Sports Physiotherapy) who I initially met through my rugby union team. These guys really pushed me to think for myself and problem solve, whilst still passing on invaluable knowledge at the same time. I was then lucky to be able to assist them with high level sports performance with the NRL Raiders and other similar gigs which gave me a taste for Elite level performance and rehabilitation. From here I gained contacts and a network which eventually enabled me to work individually with these Elite athletes and I think this flow-on effect was the biggest contributor to my growth and credibility as a coach.

Q: Just like the readers I am very curious - can you explain exactly what you do over at Resilience Rehab?

Hayden: Resilience Rehab is aimed at developing and improving athletic performance (strength, power, acceleration, speed, agility, injury prevention) and fostering evidence based rehabilitation for musculoskeletal injuries and both acute and chronic conditions (including but limited to cardiovascular, pulmonary, cancer, diabetes, asthma, neurological) I also have experience in and enjoy coaching powerlifting and cardiovascular fitness development.

I am also about to launch an online education and training platform called ‘The Resilience Institute’.

Q: What inspired you to start Resilience Rehab?

Hayden: To be honest I never thought I would be starting this as early as I did. I always knew I wanted to do something for myself eventually, but with coronavirus and the extra time in lockdown I decided to take the plunge. One thing led to another and here we are.

The business name was developed when I was thinking about what I wanted to actually instill in my patients/athletes. I felt there was no better word that encapsulates not only the ability to bounce back from an injury or setback, but also to embrace and resist difficulty, avoid injury and cope with challenges and changes.

I take pride in the fact that Resilience is based on educating the client on not just what to do to improve, but why they are doing it. As they say, “Give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you’ve fed him for a lifetime."

Q: Now I think we can agree that there is a lot of BS in the world of online fitness - care to share a bit of light on that?

Hayden: How long am I allowed to speak here? The majority of the facebook and instagram ‘influencers’ with large followings abuse their platform and ‘influence’ because the public think that these large followings mean they are accredited, knowledgeable and/or qualified. To make a quick dollar with no regard for the people buying the products they endorse, they mislead their followers into thinking that there are products that can create instant, effortless weight loss/muscle gain etc.

A few of the pearlers that I’ve seen recently are the weight loss drinks where supposedly it makes you lose 5kg and 10’s of cms off your waist within 2 weeks without controlling diet and/or exercise (as proven by the photoshopped image used to promote it) and machines that are meant to calculate your metabolism and tell you what to eat for weight loss. Ludicrous and laughable to me, instant gratification and “shortcut” for the average joe who is none the wiser to basic anatomy and physiology.

Q: What’s the biggest issue you see with that?

Hayden: It’s sad really, I actually feel for the people who are promoting these products because they must genuinely either have A) Zero actual knowledge or experience in the fitness industry as to where they are meant to be “experts”, or B) they just don’t care that they are selling fake, worthless products to fill their own bank accounts at the expense of genuine, vulnerable people. There is no credibility or authenticity and it triggers me every time I see these advertisements because I know people are giving up their hard earned money, knowing no better that these products will do absolutely nothing for them.

Q: What’s up next or you and Resilience Rehab in 2021?

Hayden: At the moment I am only able to educate or help the people who are able to see me face to face for 1-1 sessions, or who follow me on instagram already. My aim is to widen that following base so that I can help and provide value to the people in different towns/countries or aren’t able to afford face to face sessions. I’m actually just about to launch my website along with an online education platform called ‘The Resilience Institute’, which was designed so people will be able to not only further their knowledge, but train more efficiently and effectively for less than the price of one coffee per week!

Q: Let me tell you, I don’t know of many people who have thought of creating something like that. What can people expect from ‘The Resilience Institute?”


So basically it is an online education platform that will enable not only gym goers, but also coaches, to develop and further their education, learn how to train and recover efficiently and effectively, and hopefully avoid all the BS in the fitness industry today.

It will include an exercise library, topic of the month, video education and lectures, training programs, plans and templates, technique review, online coaching along with research and literature reviews.

The video education will be on topics such as training, injuries, lifestyle, nutrition and hydration principles, female training considerations and conditions and their treatment considerations.

It will be launching on the 22nd of March, people can come and check it out for an initial 7 day trial for just $1.

Q: In as little words as possible, what’s the best advice you'd give to someone just starting out on their fitness journey?

Hayden: There are quite literally a total of 0 (z-e-r-o) shortcuts when it comes to improving your health, strength and fitness. Invest in yourself (you only get one body - take care of it) by learning the basics of how the human body works (I heard there’s a cool educational institute coming out soon) and then put in the effort required to improve, you’ll look back and thank yourself.