Meet Grace Kelly's stunning lookalike granddaughter -- Camille Gottlieb

Marah Alindogan

Meet Grace Kelly's lookalike 19-year-old granddaughter -- Camille Gottlieb.

When the Kelly's daughter, Princess Stéphanie of Monaco, gave birth to Camille, there was something missing from her birth certificate -- the name of her father.

Rumors spread that Camille's father was Stéphanie's former bodyguard, Jean-Raymond Gottlieb. If true, it also meant that Camille would not be eligible for Monaco's throne. At 19, Camille has taken on his last name -- and has even gushed about how close they are in several snapshots on her Instagram.

While Camille had never met her grandmother Grace (she had died before Camille was born), she could definitely pass as her twin!

Camille shares Grace's stunning blue eyes and blonde hair, albeit they have a dramatically different sense of style. While Kelly loved her princess ball gowns and tea dresses, Camille opts for edgier pieces like a Beyoncé hoodie she can't stop wearing.

However, it seems as if the blonde beauty shares her grandmother's love of pets, judging by the numerous photos on Instagram with her furry friends.

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Kelly had a Weimaraner, a Great Dane, and, thanks to Cary Grant, a poodle named Oliver who she brought along when she left behind Hollywood for Monaco to marry Prince Rainier III. Continuing her grandmother's tradition, Gottlieb owns five dogs -- and you can't miss them on her Instagram. Too cute!

Will Camille follow in her grandmother's Hollywood footsteps? While the 19 year old hasn't dabbled in the world of Hollywood yet, we think she'd be a complete natural!

Check out the slideshow above for more photos of Camille.

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