The Glazers: the six family members in charge of running Manchester United

Meet the Glazers: the six family members in charge of running Manchester United - EPA/JUSTIN LANE
Meet the Glazers: the six family members in charge of running Manchester United - EPA/JUSTIN LANE

Rumours are swirling over the future of Manchester United, with Britain's richest man Sir Jim Ratcliffe waiting in the wings to pounce if the Glazers can be persuaded to sell up. Telegraph Sport takes a look at the six members of the American dynasty who are the key power brokers at Old Trafford.

Avram Glazer (Executive co-chairman and director)

Seen as marginally the more distant of the two leading figures in charge. The level of vitriol among fans was laid bare on the first day of the season when he made a rare appearance in the stands to see the club's defeat by Brighton.

In addition to an empire of real estate inherited from his father Malcolm, Avram took on ownership of NFL team Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who have twice won the Super Bowl under the family's tenure since 1995. The 61-year-old took a share of the blame from United fans over the failed 2021 attempt to establish a European Super League.

Earlier this year he defended the club's investment in the club over a 17-year period.  "We've always spent the money that's there to buy new players," he said.  Last December, Avram announced he had moved into cricket and bought a team in the new UAE Twenty20 League.

Joel Glazer (Executive co-chairman and director)

Joel is well-liked by some within the club and seen as the most committed of all the siblings to United. He would almost certainly be the last member of the dynasty to want to sell up, one insider says. Joel, who shares the most powerful seat at the club with Avram, is understood to sanction all major player dealings at the club.

Even in recent weeks, he has been said to be against the prospect of selling wantaway Cristiano Ronaldo. However, permanent damage was done in the eyes of United fans after the 55-year-old played a leading role in the Super League breakaway talks.

Elsewhere, after working with father Malcolm on the purchase of Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1995, Glazer played a lead role with brother, Bryan, to get local approval of what would become the Raymond James Stadium.

Joel Glazer (right) is thought to be against selling wantaway Cristiano Ronaldo - PA
Joel Glazer (right) is thought to be against selling wantaway Cristiano Ronaldo - PA

Kevin Glazer (Director)

Kevin sparked speculation around a Glazer sell up in 2019 when he converted his 13 per cent stake into A class shares. Documents filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) suggested the conversion from class B shares would allow them to be traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

His main business is away from football as founder of Glazer Properties, which has run commercial real estate for the past 30 years. His company biography said the firm is "expanding our national reach with the purchase of retail shopping centers, office and apartment buildings".

Bryan Glazer (Director)

The 57-year-old is a far more prominent figure with the Buccaneers than he is at United. Together with Joel and Edward, he is also a part owner of the First Allied Corporation, a holding company that owns and rents out shopping malls across the US.

At the Buccaneers, he was a key player in the design, development and construction of the franchise's new stadium and its logo.  He was appointed by his father Malcolm on a non-executive basis. His most significant contribution had been in playing a key role in signing American International Group (AIG) as a sponsor for the 2006/07 season.

Edward Glazer (Director)

Edward stood to make around £28.7 million when he offered up his United shares for sale in 2014. At the Buccaneers, he is said to retain day-to-day involvement. In addition to First Allied Corporation, his car dealership group US Auto Trust also appears to be thriving. He has purchased four California stores in separate deals since December

Darcie Glazer Kassewitz (Director)

In 2019, Darcie took out a loan secured against her 393,000 shares - worth about $6.9 million (£5.8m). However, she retained all voting rights as she had not sold her stake. Away from English football, she leads the Buccaneers' "fan engagement and community outreach initiatives". She also runs a foundation providing glasses for children.