Meet the designer and creative director of ASHLYN, a clothing brand taking a modern look at traditional tailoring

Fashion designer Ashlynn Park believes minimalism is high end, which she transmits through her brand, ASHLYN.

Video Transcript

ASHLYNN PARK: Style is everything. It's about yourself, the statement you want to say. My goal is make the best clothing that support your language.


My brand expresses a confident, modern interpretation of traditional tailoring. My name is Ashlynn, the designer of this brand ASHLYN. I aim to perfection in quality and fit. I make all my patterns here. It takes a lot of time to adjusting the small details. But the creator should know all the details and the instruction.

I get inspiration from everywhere. I like the '90s avant-garde. And I love to explore historical costume. But first, I'm seeking the stories, what I want to say to people. I will need to tell about my story as a mother. So I was imagining my kids are dragging me and they're pulling down my shirts. I'm trying to be happy whenever I create my pieces because it conveys my feeling to the wearers. So I try to be happy always.