Media gets a look at “bigger, stronger, faster” Jaylen Waddle

Dolphins receiver Jaylen Waddle met with reporters on Tuesday. The assembled media noticed that he looked a little larger.

“You see that?” Waddle said, laughing. “You see that. You see that.”

He was asked how much weight he has gained.

“I can’t tell you that,” he said, still laughing. “You see me run somebody over, then you’ll know.”

Asked how much stronger he feels, there was more laughter.

“You trying to arm wrestle?” he said. “I feel bigger, stronger, faster. So it’s good right now. . . . I think each year you plan on getting better, bigger, faster, stronger, more knowledge and you’ll continue to — if you want success in this league — that’s how you’re going to continue to get it.”

The Dolphins list Waddle at 182 pounds. Whether they update that to reflect his new size remains to be seen. Maybe the only real proof will come from Waddle, now entering his third year, truly running someone over.

Media gets a look at “bigger, stronger, faster” Jaylen Waddle originally appeared on Pro Football Talk