Mecole Hardman joked about breaking his TV during Chiefs-Chargers

Sunday night’s AFC West tilt between the Chiefs and Chargers was stressful for both parties. It was a critical game for each team as they jockey for position in the division and the AFC playoff picture, which had injured receiver Mecole Hardman anxious while watching at home.

Hardman was tweeting during the game and towards the end, he may have lost his temper a bit. Hardman tweeted that he threw his remote at the TV. And that was the end of his TV.

He wasn’t lying about breaking his TV, either. To show proof of the damage from the stress of the game, Hardman tweeted a photo of his smashed screen.

Looks legit, right?

Well, not exactly. A savvy follower replied to Hardman’s tweet with a screenshot of a YouTube video with the exact picture of the receiver’s “smashed” screen.

Coincidence? I think not.

Hardman either pulled off a hilarious prank on his followers or got caught in a white lie. Regardless, it’s too funny.

Story originally appeared on Chiefs Wire