What it means selecting the 2024 All-Juice Team

Yahoo Sports NFL writer Charles McDonald and senior NFL reporter Charles Robinson discuss the honor of selecting the 2024 All-Juice team, continuing the legacy of the late Terez Paylor. To contribute to the Terez A. Paylor Scholarship at Howard University, purchase an All-Juice Team T-Shirt at or donate directly at

Video Transcript

CHARLES MCDONALD: We've-- we've been doing this team for the past two years, you and me together, Charles, in Terez's honor because this was kind of his baby. It's been really cool to be able to continue Terez's love for football and be able to extend that to our own work and continue to expand his reach and his legacy and also benefit the scholarships at Howard University and Mizzou in his name. Because this is really important to us, and it's really important to him. And we're grateful that you guys are, kind of, you know, interacting with it and rocking with us.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Yeah. No, there's no doubt. It's given me a completely different perspective on when he would say he's a football dork. Like, he'd always call himself a football dork. You really have to be when you do this team because it takes-- if you're serious about it, it takes an intense level of watching some film, watching some cut ups, talking to other people. You know, I mean, I'm on-- I'm literally on the phone what feels like two weeks solid once we get past the Senior Bowl or the Combine. And it's just nonstop.

CHARLES MCDONALD: Yeah. You're really digging through some-- some film. And to keep it kind, you know, it's not the same quality as professional football--


CHARLES MCDONALD: --you know? So you know, to me, when you get to, oh, I'm looking at a UDFA receiver from Holy Cross, like, if you're sitting there watching Holy Cross tape, you love football. It kind of goes beyond the pail in terms of like, you know, I love football. He loved football, and we get to continue to do that, which is great.

CHARLES ROBINSON: And it feeds the connection to his spirit, like, with these-- I think that UDFA pick is, by far, the favorite because everybody wants to find that, like, I found a guy, you know, have that moment. And so like Coker was someone that I had a number of evaluators bring him up and were excited about him. Like, I got the UDFA pick for you. Like, you know, here's this kid. And I think, to me, that's what connects him still. Even now, he's alive in the excitement you see in those evaluators or you hear in their voice when they-- they bring up a pick like that or they kind of feel like they're telling you something that-- they've found something and they want you to know about it.

CHARLES MCDONALD: Yeah. And I hope that we're able to put you on to some prospects.


CHARLES MCDONALD: Well, I just hope everybody enjoys it. I know I really enjoy working on it with you. So keeps us connected, and it keeps us both connected to him too. And get your All Juice Team tee or hoodie at Make sure you check that out too.