McKoys dominate the court

Feb. 7—Harrells has been blessed with two athletes who've made quite the splash throughout their conference and county. The McKoy boys, Antonio and Dashaun, have dominated the court this season with their freakish athleticism, high flying dunks and lights out defensive play.

It was last Tuesday when the Crusaders routed the Eagles of Oakwood and the Store celebrated their two best basketball players who bulldozed over the 1,000 mark on breakaway baskets, within seconds of each other. True sophmore Antonio on the rebound, rushed back to the back the net, outpacing the opposing team and putting the layup in for his milestone. Dashaun's point followed right after this in similar fashion and made the smooth layup for his milestone marker.

The Independent spoke to both of them shortly after and both were elated regarding this point in their high school careers.

"It felt amazing," Antonio said regarding the moment. "It was unreal, I'd always wanted to do that and to have everyone their supporting me during that, it was great."

"It felt good, took longer than it should, but it felt great." Dashaun said. He went on to say how he could've played more aggressive this season and got there sooner but he was happy to reach the mark, regardless.

The boys have been playing together for a long time. Antonio and Dashaun recall playing basketball when they were younger as their fathers introduced the sport to them. Basketball is a big part of their family and runs in their blood, amping up the passion for a sport that has been all they've known since their were children. Even in their youth, they would compete against bigger and older players, an advantage to them as their maturity and confidence are advanced compared to those who started later.

Now young men, the McKoys can be spotted all over Sampson County with the Crusaders as they play against random people in pick up games, honing their craft. This connection with their teammates combined with a variety of opponents at the Clinton YMCA has developed them and the team and brought them to new heights as they continue on in their careers.

Their head coach, Clayton Hall, had nothing but praise for the two stars of the Crusader crew, he spoke at length about their talent.

"Antonio has got the ability to score like no other I've ever coached. He can score from anywhere on the floor, he's got every shot. A lot of that, is just God given athletic ability, I mean, he does things and puts the ball in the basket in ways that not many people can do. He's a real special talent. Dashaun is a freak athlete, his second jump and play around the basket, he's 6'2" but plays like he's 6'8". He gets so many blocks around the basket and he gets way over the rim, he just does some stuff that's just jaw dropping. They are both two special kids and definitely a once in a lifetime talent. I'm really luck to be coaching them."

The Crusaders will be back in action for the Carolina Independent Conference tournament this week, looking to bring hardware back to Harrells.

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