McKayla Maroney's attorney lashes out at USA Gymnastics, says they 'can no longer hide their misdeeds'

McKayla Maroney’s possible $100,000 fine from USA Gymnastics will no longer be put into effect. (Jae C. Hong/AP)
McKayla Maroney’s possible $100,000 fine from USA Gymnastics will no longer be put into effect. (Jae C. Hong/AP)

Two-time Olympic medalist McKayla Maroney’s attorney lashed out at the United States Olympic Committee and USA Gymnastics on Tuesday, the first day of a four-day scheduled sentencing hearing for convicted pedophile and former USA Gymnastics and Michigan State doctor Larry Nassar.

John Manly gave the following statement to Sports Illustrated:

“USA Gymnastics finally acknowledges that the gag order they forced on Ms. Maroney and her attorney was unenforceable. Sadly, USA Gymnastics continues to make misrepresentations about Ms. Maroney. They say McKayla has “always had the right to speak.” Not true. Under the agreements terms she could not speak in court unless subpoenaed. She could not even have her statement read without fear of a lawsuit against her by USAG. A victim impact statement is a voluntary act. It’s not a subpoena.

Let’s be clear. The only reason this statement was issued is because people were outraged at USAG’s behavior toward Ms. Maroney and her family. So outraged that people were kindly offering to pay the six figure USAG penalty so McKayla could speak. Everyday Americans get that no one should be silenced about child molestation. This is especially true when the abused is a young athlete who competed in the Olympic Games for our country and brought honor and dignity to our nation. It is truly sad that USA Gymnastics and the USOC didn’t and don’t get it. They have no choice to relent because the cleansing sunlight of truth is shining upon them and they can no longer hide their misdeeds.”

The outrage Manly talks about stems from a December, 2016 confidentiality settlement that stated if Maroney publicly spoke out against Nassar, it would cost her $100,000 dollars. Model Chrissy Teigen tweeted that she would pay the fine in order to allow Maroney to speak at the trial, and the mounting pressure on USAG led them to rescind the possible $100,000 fine.