McDonald’s employee reveals the ‘most complicated’ order on the chain’s menu

The McDonald’s Premium McWrap disappeared from the chain’s menu a few years ago — and some employees seem pretty happy about it. That’s because, according to one viral video, the menu item was the “most complicated” order for workers to fulfill. The video comes from user Stephen Patula (@patulafamilymcdonalds). In one of his most recent clips, Patula reveals the “most complicated” item for employees to prepare. He then proceeds to explain why the Premium McWrap was “literally awful to make”. As Patula says in his video, the Premium McWraps “tasted awesome” but took a long time to prepare. That said, the wraps are no longer a problem for McDonald’s employees, as the item was discontinued in 2019. Several TikTokers weighed in to ask when — or if — the item will come back