Kobe Bryant jokes he wanted in on Magic Johnson's purchase of Dodgers

OAKLAND, Calif. – Kobe Bryant wasn't happy with Magic Johnson's latest big move.

"I'm upset he didn't cut me in," Bryant joked on Monday, a couple of hours after news broke that the former Laker great is part of an investment group that will buy the Los Angeles Dodgers.

"Magic has his hands everywhere. I'm happy for him. Obviously, everybody knows how loved he is in Los Angeles. He's started another chapter in his life and another chapter of his post-NBA career of rebuilding the Dodgers franchise."

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Johnson's group of investors won the bidding war for the Dodgers at $2.15 billion. The soon-to-be record price for a sports franchise was greeted with admiration in the locker room after the Lakers defeated the Golden State Warriors, 104-101.

"You got to really take your hat off to him because it's remarkable what he's doing," Lakers power forward Pau Gasol said. "He's just continues to build on it. It's great. I think it's a great example to many athletes to understand what he did, what it took.

"He actually came in the locker room last year and gave us a little meeting, a little talk to us about how he got there and all the things that he has done. How much he has done is incredible. But it takes good partnerships, good relationships. He invested in it. He invested his time to do that. He is definitely somebody we should all look up to in post-career basketball."

Lakers head coach Mike Brown couldn't wrap his head around the staggering amount for the baseball team. "I can't even add that high," Brown said. "It's out of my league. "Everything Magic touches seems to turn to gold. I'm happy for him, the city of L.A. and the Dodgers organization if that's the case."

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