Maya Moore reflects on her legacy | All In Orange

The former Minnesota Lynx guard - who announced her retirement earlier this week, four years since her last WNBA game - discusses what she hopes to be remembered for, not only on the court.

Video Transcript

MAYA MOORE: I just hope people take away from that the heartbeat of what we were trying to do, which was being more human, and more caring, and more compassionate, and also saying it's OK to grieve what's worth grieving. It was very hard at times to accept, like, you know, Lindsey retired, and then Simone retires, and Rebecca, and now Sil, and missing my teammates.

Because as you guys would watch us over that eight-year stretch, our chemistry was just awesome. I think there's very few teams that had a core like we did with such good chemistry and teams with such good chemistry. So I missed that more than anything.

But I was very focused on just trying to be well, have a good rhythm, having to get more rest, and the emotional and mental energy that it took to do all the things that I've done these last three years. And then I think looking forward, I hope people can find inspiration from my heartbeat for humanity and engaging in sport in a way that remembers that our humanity is first and foremost in how we play the game, how we leverage the game, how we treat people, how we play the game responsibly.

There's just so many ways that you can keep that in mind as you remember some of the things. And doing things with excellence-- some of the marks, and influence, and impact I would hope to have.