Maxx Crosby says he’s a Raider for life, won’t take the easy road traveled like LeBron James

Maxx Crosby’s commitment to the Raiders is no secret. He got a Raiders tattoo well before his rookie contract expired and has talked openly about winning a Super Bowl for Las Vegas one day.

It’s also no secret he draws inspiration from NBA legends Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. They won championships with their original teams and created larger-than-life legacies.

But apparently, there are NBA legacies Crosby doesn’t want to emulate. While appearing on The Jim Rome Show, Crosby said he doesn’t want to take the “easier road traveled” by moving to another franchise to expedite winning.

Unlike Jordan and Bryant, superstar LeBron James famously left his original team to win his first NBA title with the Miami Heat.

“The guys who inspire me are the Kobes and the Jordans; the guys that stayed at the same place and won in the same place. No offense to the guys like LeBron and those dudes — I won’t give them some heat but they took the easier road traveled and that’s not the way I look at it.

“Going through the ups and downs and the hardships is going to make it that much sweeter when I do win a Super Bowl. So I plan on being here for a very long time and I plan on winning here.”

Crosby’s time with the Raiders has seen its share of hardships and losing seasons. Crosby and the Raiders also tasted the playoffs in 2021 and look to start a winning tradition with new coach Antonio Pierce. If Crosby can turn his original franchise around like Bryant and Jordan did in the NBA, he’s in a prime position to do so.

Crosby’s comment on LeBron James’ legacy goes the extra mile to hammer his point home. Still, it’s a bit wild for Crosby to compare himself to James, even if it’s a light comparison. James still plays in the NBA, and despite his legacy of moving from team to team, James is a bonafide winner and arguably the best NBA player of all time.

But Crosby’s ambitions are high, as he’s said he wants to become the best NFL player at his position. So it makes sense for him to see himself on the same level as James.

The reality is that Crosby and the Raiders have a lot of work to do before anyone on the team is compared to any of these NBA stars. Crosby could be knocking on the door, however. If the Raiders’ new regime can continue to surround Crosby with talent — and find a long-term solution at quarterback — Crosby has the ability and leadership to achieve the Kobe and Jordan-like greatness he desires.

Story originally appeared on Raiders Wire