Maxx Crosby bids Josh Jacobs farewell ‘Nothing’s changed but the jersey’

Once a Raider, always a Raider. And for Maxx Crosby, once a brother, always a brother. And he just watched Raiders teammate and chosen brother Josh Jacobs agree to a deal to join the Green Bay Packers.

Today is a hard day for a lot of NFL players as they watch longtime teammates leave. For Maxx Crosby and Josh Jacobs, they’ve been teammates for their entire five-year careers. That ended today. But their friendship did not. Crosby took to twitter to send Jacobs a hearfelt goodbye.

“Love you for life, brother,” Crosby said to Jacobs. “Nothing’s changed but the jersey. We came in together with similar goals in mind and now look where we’re at. Green Bay got a great one.”

They weren’t just teammates for five years, they were draft classmates. Jacobs was the Raiders’ pick at 24 overall in the first round. Two days later, the Raiders selected Crosby at 105 overall in the fourth round.

Since then, they have been easily the most accomplished players from that 2019 draft. Both heading to multiple Pro Bowls and finding themselves among the Raiders franchise all time records through five seasons.

That earned Crosby a long term extension. It wasn’t enough to keep Jacobs around. The difference between playing a premium position like edge rusher and playing running back which sees its value dwindle year by year in the NFL.

That’s the business of football. But sometimes it’s important to remember these guys are human beings. And their passion is a big part of what makes them great.

Story originally appeared on Raiders Wire