Max Scherzer wants to pitch one last time just to ruin the Rockies' NL West hopes

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This <a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/mlb/teams/was" data-ylk="slk:Washington Nationals">Washington Nationals</a> move would be weird for any starting pitcher other than <a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/mlb/players/8193/" data-ylk="slk:Max Scherzer">Max Scherzer</a>. (AP Photo)
This Washington Nationals move would be weird for any starting pitcher other than Max Scherzer. (AP Photo)

Max Scherzer already has 300 strikeouts this season and his Washington Nationals have been fully eliminated from the postseason, but it appears both the team and player have one remaining goal this year: ruining the Colorado Rockies’ season.

The Nationals ace said Friday that he would relish the opportunity to face the Rockies on Sunday if the game has potential playoff implications, per Jamal Collier at The Nationals are playing for nothing but pride and draft position at this point, but they’re reportedly still up for the idea of running Scherzer out one more time.

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The reason: Fun. They seem to be doing this for fun.


“If there’s an elimination game on the line here against the Rockies, they want me to pitch,” Scherzer said. “And for me the way I look at it, if there’s a playoff atmosphere on the line where somebody can get knocked out, that’s a heck of an environment to pitch in.

“Even though we’re playing for nothing, at least we can be able to toe the rubber knowing that the atmosphere here with the crowd and the other team would be playing at probably the highest level of any point I would face this year. Why wouldn’t I want to compete in that?”

Anyone who follows Max Scherzer shouldn’t be too surprised he’s willing to do this. He growls on the mound. He mutters breathtaking strings of curses before pitches. He’s one of the most outwardly competitive and confident players in baseball. Of course he’s going to want an opportunity like this.

When Scherzer made his comments, the Rockies had all but locked up a postseason appearance, but they’re still seeking their first NL West division title in franchise history. The team is currently one game ahead of the Dodgers with two games left to play.

Dodgers fans in need of some hope were likely delighted to hear Scherzer’s willingness to pitch Sunday. Then again, it’s only fair Madison Bumgarner pitches twice during Los Angeles’ season-ending series against the Giants.

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