Max Holloway Says He’s Cleared to Fight But Nothing Finalized Yet for UFC 231

Max Holloway is ready to fight again. The reigning featherweight champion, who was forced out of his last scheduled bout at UFC 226, says doctors have given him the go ahead to get back into action in the near future. It was just in July when Holloway was pulled from his fight against Brian Ortega due to concussion like symptoms that put him into the hospital. Now less than two months later, Holloway admits that doctors still aren't certain what went wrong in July but they can find no signs of anything that would prevent him from fighting again. "The good thing is all the concussion experts and stuff, they said that I'm clear and free from all of that," Holloway revealed on "UFC Tonight". "We saw some doctors about my health with my potassium levels and stuff was great so we can cut out that whatever weight cut thing that people was saying. "The great thing is we don't really have an answer but at the end of the day, they're clearing us to fight. The big things that everybody was worried about, it's not that so I'm excited. It's time to get back to work, where I belong in that Octagon and can't wait to get back to what I love." Over the past week, rumors have been swirling that Holloway is already scheduled for his next fight against Ortega in December at UFC 231 in Toronto. While Ortega later revealed that he had been offered the fight on that date, nothing has been finalized by the UFC or from the featherweight champion of the world. "We'll see what happens," Holloway said about what's next for him. "As everybody saw, I found out the same way that everybody found out about some fight in Toronto. I found out from the internet. Some media guy texted me 'hey congrats on the fight, champ, when do you want to talk about it? Let me know'. I was like what fight? I didn't text him back. I went on the internet and saw the news going crazy. "I guess the UFC is doing the right thing. They know they don't need to tell me about any fight, they just send me over the contract and your boy's ready." Obviously, Holloway is anxious to get back in action but the reality is the fight against Ortega is still not official at this stage. From the sound of things, however, Holloway is looking to make his return to the Octagon sooner rather than later after his last fight took place in December 2017.