Maury Povich prefers Buccaneers as playoff opponent for Washington

Ryan Homler
·2 min read

Maury Povich prefers Buccaneers as playoff opponent for WFT originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

According to ESPN projections, the most likely playoff scenario for the Washington Football Team -- should the team get there -- involves a Wild Card matchup with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

That would mean Tom Brady, arguably the best quarterback of all-time would be the challenge for Washington in the first round, something most would probably want to avoid. TV host Maury Povich, however, would welcome it.

“If you’re telling me about all the NFC teams, I would prefer that team," Povich said on the Washington Football Talk Podcast.

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Povich understands that facing Brady is typically something that doesn't go well for the other team, but he feels that 2020 is different. This is not the same Brady that dominated the AFC and NFL for nearly two decades with the Patriots.

“Well, you know, yeah but Tom Brady has lost what, five games this year? So, that’s not the Brady that the Patriots had," Povich said. "They rarely lost five games when he went on into the playoffs back then.”

There is reason to believe Povich is on to something here. Tampa Bay could finish 11-5, which is nothing to scoff at. Brady has also compiled 3,886 yards and 32 touchdowns this season, numbers that are impressive. Still, this team doesn't have the feel that others featuring the quarterback had in the past.

Even with all the firepower on offense, the unit as a whole has been inconsistent in 2020. In addition, the Buccaneers have picked up a majority of their wins over teams toward the bottom of the league, with a win over the Packers acting as the exception. The team is by no means a juggernaut.

One of the main areas of struggle has come in pass protection. The offensive line has left Brady vulnerable at times, and with his limited mobility, it creates ruptures in the flow of the offense. Both the Chicago Bears and Los Angeles Rams used talented defensive fronts to throw Brady off his game and limit his effectiveness.

That is something Washington can do as well, which is why Povich is okay seeing Brady come to FedExField in January. With Chase Young and company forming one of the top defensive lines in the league, Washington has the exact strength needed to counteract Brady and the Buccaneers.

Knowing that, Povich would rather face Brady than a mobile quarterback like Russell Wilson or Kyler Murray. Those two could neutralize Washington's pass rush and create more problems for the defense.

Welcoming the challenge of Brady is something that Povich admits sounds strange, but given what the quarterback has shown in 2020, he'd prefer to see it happen.

“I’ll take Brady, shoot, I’ll definitely take Brady. Wow," Povich said.