Maurkice Pouncey objects to CBA, in strong language

Darin Gantt
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

I think we can go out on a limb here, and say that Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey is opposed to the proposed CBA.

In fact, he opposes it in a way that challenges our ability to print most of it.

Pouncey just posted a shirtless driving video to social media, in which he ranted against the deal which was moved to a vote of the full union membership after being approved by the board of player representatives. And if J.J. Watt was a hard no, Pouncey was an even harder no, and he apparently speaks for his brother Mike as well.

(Click on the link if you like, but just know that if you’re at work, or school, or church, or really anywhere that’s not a naval vessel, it’s probably a bad idea.)

“Man, this s—‘s so f—ing crazy man. I vote no,” Pouncey said. “F— that s—. Our NFLPA, the dudes at the top, the leaders, man that s— is all f—ing bulls—. F— that, they ain’t looking out for the best of the players. If y’all want my vote, the Pouncey twins vote no.

“If any player on any one of our teams, if y’all are hurting for rent money or anything while we’re going through this lockout, call us. We’ve got way more money than what they had back in the day. We ain’t got to worry about that. All the vets on each team, stand the f— up. Stand up and show these guys that we care about them. Man I care about all you young players. I love you guys to death. I ain’t going to let y’all down. Trust and believe.

“They’re trying to sign a bulls— a– deal, just so these motherf—ers can sit there and the president can smile and say they got something done. You didn’t get s— done.”

So, that’s a no, I guess.

It’s unclear which specific portions of the complex labor negotiation Pouncey is opposed to, but he’s clearly concerned about the health and safety of players.

He was wearing his seat belt.

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